MEAN WELL Announces the Launch of An Innovative New Product Line|VFD Series: 150W~750W Industrial Brushless DC Motor Controller and Driver

Product Strategy Center/Alex Tsai

In response to global warming and climate change, the net-zero emissions and energy-saving indicators for electricity usage have become an urgent priority for governments and businesses worldwide. According to statistics from the International Energy Agency (IEA), the global share of electricity and energy usage in motor-related equipment is as high as 46%, far surpassing lighting at 19%. This indicates that international motor energy-saving standards have gained significant international recognition. Compared to traditional induction motors, the Brushless DC Motors (BLDC) offer advantages such as high efficiency, small size, lightweight, long lifespan, quiet operation, and easy control. Leveraging its benefits of variable frequency control, they are rapidly being prioritized by end-product system manufacturers as the optimal solution for achieving effective energy savings by replacing traditional motors.

As the SDG Group and global standard-bearer in the power industry, MEAN WELL has launched a new product line: "VFD Series, the Industrial Brushless DC Motor Variable Frequency Drive" after conducting three years of market and industry research along with technological innovation trends. This series includes eight models, covering both DC and AC input voltages, as well as two types of PCB board and enclosed semi-glue machine shell formats. The units come with built-in PFC (only for AC input models) ranging from 150 to 750W, along with standard control and sensor signals, enabling motor speed and braking settings and programming with an external control card. (Card can be purchased separately; please refer to the "Product Roadmap" for more details)

The entire VFD series features a fanless design, ensuring noise-free operation with the highest efficiency reaching up to 93% and providing a 200% peak current. They come with built-in comprehensive protection functions, complying with international safety standards such as IEC/EN61800-5-1 and electromagnetic compatibility standards IEC/EN61800-3. These controllers are suitable for terminal systems and products that utilize brushless DC (BLDC) motors, including those used in applications like fans and AC systems, smoke extraction equipment, water pumps, AGVs, power tools, automatic doors, mechanical equipment, conveyors, medical devices, fitness equipment, etc. 

MEAN WELL has over thousands of standard power supplies and a network of nearly 250 authorized professional distributors worldwide; the standard power supplies are fully stocked and readily available for fast delivery to customers.

For more information about MEAN WELL's products, as well as related technical information and case studies, please visit the MEAN WELL EXPO or contact MEAN WELL's sales representatives and local authorized distributors.


VFD-250P-230                   VFD-350P-230                   

VFD-200C-230                   VFD-350C-230                   VFD-750C-230                   

VFD-150P-48                      VFD-250P-48                     VFD-350P-48