Product Liability Disclaimer

MEAN WELL offers standard warranty on the MEAN WELL power supplies during the warranty period that specified on the datasheet. Product defect within warranty period will be handled by repair or replacement whichever MEAN WELL prefers. For details or request a warranty claim, please contact sales channel where the products were purchased. MEAN WELL Enterprise Co., Ltd. reserves the right to make the final decision on how to handle the warranty cases.

Please note that the warranty is only limited to the MEAN WELL product itself and the accessories that come with the product, and does not include any extended liability, direct or indirect, for the client's equipment, system nor consequential damages. Please read the following statement concerning warranty claims:

  1. MEAN WELL offers power supply which is electronic product for professional use only. System manufacturer intended to embed a power supply into a system, or used the power as accessory, should go through sample approval and pilot run to confirm the compatibility of the power supply with the system and load conditions, before mass production.
  2. If the buyer finds any product abnormalities at different stages of quality inspection processes, such as IQC (Incoming Quality Control), Final Quality Control (FQC), and SQC (System Quality Control), please immediately contact the original channel of purchase. If the analysis result of MEAN WELL confirms faulty of the power supply product, the buyer has the right to request for repair, return, or refund, from the authorized channel of purchase.
  3. MEAN WELL offers only the repair or replacement of faulty units within warranty period. If other warranty terms are required, including but not limited to covering service cost or responsibilities other than power supply itself, buyer needs to issue the request before purchase. MEAN WELL should review the request from the buyer and adjust selling price based on the content of warranty service and level of coverage requested. In such case, an additional service contract or commercial agreement is required to be signed by both parties.
  4. MEAN WELL is a standard power supply manufacturer which reserves the right to change/optimize the product design.Please refer to the product specification on MEAN WELL’s official website and product labeling information before purchase/use the product.