2023 Stimulation Plan to Reboot Industrial Recovery

Confronted with the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war and the escalating Israel-Hamas conflict, inflationary pressures in various countries, and a downturn in consumer confidence, major global economies are contending with diminished demand. The sluggish rate of inventory clearance has resulted in a stagnant market.
Through this program, our goal is to strengthen the SDG Industry Value Network, promote a more extensive one-stop shopping service by SDG Group, provide a stable 30-day delivery period, and support distributors and end customers in their early recovery. This initiative aims to stimulate the market trend of “Power Supply Standardization.”

Promotion Period: From 2023/12/1~12/27 (12/28-12/29 shipping will be temporarily halted for inventory assessment by each company)

Terms & Conditions:
1.  Customers whose annual purchase amount exceeding USD 1 million over a three-year period, including both distributors and direct customers.
2.  Trusted partners with no record of delayed or outstanding payments, and those who do not engage in intentionally delaying shipments or canceling orders.
Implementation Plan:
1. Eligible customers will receive a 10% rebate, calculated in equivalent SDG points, based on the shipment amount in December 2023. The rebate points will be calculated and credited in January 2024.
2. Relevant customers can apply for the gift of a charity porcelain plate through the sales window.
3. Starting from January 1, 2024, SDG points can be used not only for redeeming gift items but also for expenses related to marketing and promotional activities.
4. Guidelines for redeeming gift items: Redemption should take place at each customer’s region/branch. The shipping cost for the redeemed goods is the responsibility of the recipient (FOB). The redeemed items must comply with the local import regulations of the importing country, and if there are import duties, the redeemer is required to handle the customs declaration and payment.
Please contact your sales window if you have any questions.


CEO of Greater China: Alex Tsai
CEO of Overseas: Ted Cheng
SDG Group