The SDG Group's Carbon Footprint Platform is officially launched, collaborating with partners in moving towards carbon neutrality

By: SDG Group CSO/ Patrick Wang

In pursuit of sustainable corporate development and the active promotion of SDG goals, the SDG Group initiated the Greenhouse Gas Inventory Project (ISO 14064-1) at the MEAN WELL Group headquarters in March 2022, receiving SGS verification.(Link) In September 2022, Product Carbon Footprint Verification (ISO 14067) was initiated for the RSP-1000-48 product, which SGS verified.(Link) The SDG Group is driving its subsidiaries to complete greenhouse gas inventories and product carbon footprint calculations sequentially, reinforcing substantial support for SDG goals.  


The Carbon Footprint Declaration Inquiry Platform (Link) provides self-declared carbon footprint information for MEAN WELL Power products, transparently disclosing the lifecycle boundary from cradle to gate (B2B). This includes three key stages such as raw material manufacturing, raw material transportation, and power supply manufacturing, calculated by the ISO 14067:2018 standard. It provides customers with more precise carbon footprint information to achieve product carbon neutrality goals by detailing the carbon emissions during manufacturing.

Collaborating with partners on the journey to carbon neutrality, we gained clear insights into carbon emissions and their proportions at each stage during the construction of the carbon footprint platform. The SDG Group is committed to initiating diverse carbon-neutral actions in the future, including promoting low-carbon materials, developing green and efficient products, advocating for CKD logistics centers, encouraging employees' low-carbon commuting, leveraging MEAN WELL product applications to enhance energy efficiency, and promoting partner training and exchanges on carbon-related issues. We hope to build consensus and join hands with partners to collectively contribute to creating a better environment for our next generation.