SDG Group's Industry Recovery Plan of MDF (Market Development Fund)-Charity Funds Execution Announcement

Overseas Market CEO / Ted Cheng
To implement the concept of the "SDG Industry Value Network," the SDG Group called on global partners in December 2022 to jointly promote the "SDG Group's Industry Recovery Plan" in the form of MDF (Market Development Fund), giving back to customers and charitable organizations. This initiative provides timely assistance and support to disadvantaged groups, including Médecins Sans Frontières, the Red Cross, children's foundations, social welfare organizations, and 249 others.
As of the settlement in 2023, the cumulative donation amount for the Market Development Fund's charity fund reached USD 10.768 million. The execution status of the charity funds in various regions is detailed below, and you can refer to the attached link for further information on the implementation status.
Region Donation Amount (USD) Attachment
USA $ 1,931,272 Link
Europe $ 3,269,821 Link
China $ 4,843,851 Link
ASEAN/ AN $ 590,814 Link
MEA $ 132,748 Link
Total $ 10,768,506